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Our Services
Tell us your requirements:   contact our office by e-mail, phone, fax, or just notice us where to pick you up.
We will offer the housing list for your reference. Contact us for any further enquiry.
Pre-arrange all the housing trip according to your schedule.
House Hunting
Make appointments for house hunting. Pick you up & drive you back to hotel, school or office, any transportation at your convenience
Map marked out the housing location which will be shown.
Select & show various types of house & apartment in different areas which matched your life style.
Introduce & trip around nearby environments. 
No matter how long it will take to find you a suitable housing, we’ll keep searching all the time until you find one.
Check & review all the necessary works.
Exactly communicate with you & your personnel for all the rental terms before  starting negotiation.
Negotiate with the  owners according to your company  policy and base on your  benefit.
Make best efforts to reach  you & your company goals.
Report all the going–on  situation.
Meet the owner to get a  better price & deal.
Protect some other competitors.
Investigate the owner’s  title  right of the  property through  the Governmental Land Office to  double confirm.
Ensure all the detailed terms as  agreed by you,  your company &  the owner.
Make a draft accruing to  your  company’s request and which is  accepted and agreed by the  owner as well.. 
Ask the owner to provide  necessary documents for  contracting  and hold the  housing until the deal is done.
Make the formal lease agreement  signed by both parties. . 
Finish the whole signing &  payment procedure.
Hand Over The Premises / Move In
Check if all the repair or  renovation works are  in  progress.
Deliver the sample(s), catalog(s),  floor plan… etc., for your  selection as necessary then   confirm with both you and the  owner.
Keep communicating with you  ,  the owner and  the workers to  ensure  all the works are rightly   under control.
Ensure the premises are ready.
Inspect all the works and   appliances in good order.
Read all the meters of utilities  and clarify all the bills.
Hand over the premise  to you  on your expecting day.
Cooperate with movers as  necessary.
Arrange all kinds of installation  according to your wish. Like:   ADSL, cable TV,  Telephone,   gas…etc.
Any supporting act to make   you a comfortable home.
Follow Up
Quick response & arrangement for  any needs.
Pay attention to every human event  or natural cause which influence   your staying in your house.
Recommend and help  household  accessories &  supplements.
Provide the sources for all  kind of  requirements.   Like:  maid,   gardener,  carpenter, plumber,  electrician, cab, fire wood supplier, pure water company… etc.
Qualified after-service to  take care  of you and your  family.
Communicate & negotiate  with the  owner for any further requirement. 
Keep good contact with your security company to  ensure any  necessary repairs influence  your security system.
Make monthly report with results of every issue to your company, as  detailed  as we can.
Notice and finish all the  rental payments.
All the records of event will be kept  in the computer for future reference.
Remind you & your company  about your lease due few  months before.
Provide the marking survey  to your company for your  reference.
Another house hunting for  your reference as necessary.
Discuss with you about your intention.
Estimate your company’s  new rental terms for renewal.
Meet with the owner, the  worker at your house for the  works.
Negotiation for all works and  terms.
Case goes on further to make  like new case.
Termination / Expiry
Remind to issue a  termination or expiry letter  according to the notice  period on the contract.
Arrange new clients to take  over the remaining leasing  period to help present client   lessen or delete the penalty.
Negotiate with the owner   seeking for better deal for  termination to decrease the loss.
Make termination contract to be signed as necessary.
Help arrangement of your extra installation to be  cut without problem.
Handing over the premises to  the owner smoothly.
Negotiate with the owner as  any damage of the house  incurred.
Read and record all the  meters of utilities.
Ensure all the unused rental & deposit to be returned  correctly.
Our Concern
Qualified & professional job  to establish the new comers’  faith on the new  surroundings.
Always seeking ways to  support the expatriates and  save the cost for you & your  company .
Make the expatriates & their  family enjoy their new home  and pleasantly stay in Taipei.
Keep all the unsafe situation away from the expatriates.

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